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KI Marketing Intl is a consulting & management company. We help inventors, designers and manufacturers launch, market and grow profitable consumer product brands at retail using proven marketing, manufacturing and sales solutions


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Do you have a product line that you’re interested in taking to retail and you want to know the necessary steps to effectively launch and market a product? Are you struggling to establish your brand at retail and want guidance and support how to market your products better? Are you currently marketing a product line and want to reach a broader audience?You’ve come to the right place. KI Marketing can help you develop and manage a plan with strong marketing, manufacturing and sales strategies and solutions that will deliver concrete results for your business.

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From assessing your product success, developing successful strategic plans, to manufacturing your products through reliable overseas factories, and offering the best sales solutions for your distribution efforts, we will be your advisor, collaborator and support throughout the process.

Our network of seasoned experts in product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales have decades of experience working in the specialty and mass market retail space and can assist you in marketing a brand successfully.

If you’re ready to see your products showcased online, independent specialty stores and on the shelves of national retailers, contact us today at support@kimarketingintl.com.

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How We Can Help

KI Marketing Intl. is a sales & marketing consulting and management firm that offers solutions for new and existing brands looking to launch and grow their manufacturing business. Our services include:

What We Are Not

We are not a product or invention development company, licensing agent or distributor. Our goal is to get your brand and business well-positioned through our consulting and management services so you’re truly prepared for retail and you can confidently launch profitable products and grow your manufacturing business with success.

If you want an experienced partner to assist you in launching your products and getting them online and in retail stores successfully, contact us at support@kimarketingintl.com.


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